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About the Secure Edge Reports Page

To access this page, select Monitor > Reports > Secure Edge Reports.

Secure edge report displays the data transfer details like monthly data allocation and usage at various regions. You can view the total outbound data transfer by region for the current month in comparison to the previous 11 months.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can view and download the outbound data transfer reports from this page, as shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Secure Edge Report Contents
Report Category Definition

A summary segment shows the following items for the current month:

  • Total Data Transfer for current month—The actual data transfer occurred until date in the current month.

  • Monthly Allocation—The maximum data transfer limit allocated for the current month.

  • Overage—The excess data transferred beyond the monthly allocation.

Outbound Data Transfer by Region

You can view the outbound data transfer in a graph and a tabular format. At various regions, you can view data transferred in the current month and in the previous 11 months.

To download the Secure Edge reports, select the required month and year from the drop down list on the top right corner of the Secure Edge Reports page and click Download Report.


You can update the report recipients by clicking Update Report Recipients.