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August 16, 2022 Release

Juniper Security Director Cloud New Features: August 16, 2022

There are no new features in this release for Juniper Security Director Cloud.

Secure Edge New Features: August 16, 2022

Secure Edge

  • Enhancement in the JIMS interface—You can now delete JIMS Collectors. The delete option helps in removing JIMS Collectors that are no longer needed. [See About the JIMS Page.]

  • Enhancement in the PAC file management to exclude domains from the files—You can now update the proxy auto configuration file with a list of domains to be excluded from PAC file-based forwarding. This UI-based function can be used to update any PAC file hosted on Juniper Security Director Cloud. [See About the PAC Page.]

  • Enhancement in the LDAP profile

    • The LDAP profile now mandates SSL encryption.

    • The LDAP profile tab now displays the source IP address or prefix for Juniper Secure Edge. You will need the Secure Edge IP address or prefix to make the inbound LDAP queries to the LDAP servers and update the firewall rules. [See About the End User Authentication Page].

  • Enhancement in the SAML profile

    • The SSL option is now removed from the SAML Profile tab. You must upload a certificate to indicate an SSL connection.

    • Name and Domain name fields are removed. You must now configure only Identity Provider (IdP) and Service Provider (SP) settings. [See About the End User Authentication Page].

Juniper Security Director Cloud Bug Fixes: August 16, 2022

  • Device management—After creating a physical interface on an SRX Series Firewall using Juniper Security Director Cloud, the user was unable to configure a logical interface unit and an IP address. This issue is now resolved.

  • Device management—The Devices page for SRX 4100, SRX 4200, and SRX 4600 Firewalls does not show xe-0/0/0 interface. Instead, it shows lt-0/0/0 interface. This issue is now resolved.

Secure Edge Bug Fixes: August 16, 2022

  • SAML Profile: Users were unable to edit the existing SAML settings. This issue is now resolved.

  • Hosted Database: Earlier when you tried to add a user to a group, you could add the user to multiple groups belonging to multiple domains. Now, you can add users to multiple groups but belonging to a single domain.