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Known Behavior

This section lists known behavior and limitations in hardware and software in Juniper Security Director Cloud.

  • Unified policies are supported. Legacy application security policies are not supported.

  • Global address book is supported. Zone address book is not supported.

  • When you import a policy that has rules with unsupported configuration, Juniper Security Director Cloud shows those rules information under Summary on import wizard. After importing, these rules with unsupported configurations are grayed out and shown with a disabled icon to differentiate between system-disabled rules and a rule disabled by user. The Rule description also shows the reason for disabling these rules.

    You cannot delete, edit, or perform any rule actions on these unsupported rules.

  • Juniper Security Director Cloud overwrites the user configuration performed directly from the device CLI or any other interface other than the portal.

    To avoid conflicts, you can import the configurations and re-assign the devices from existing policies.

  • A tunnel established to an extranet device is listed as Tunnels Status Unavailable.