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Migration of Paragon Insights Release 3.2.0 (with Docker Compose) to Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0

You can migrate Paragon Insights Release 3.2.0 (Docker Compose installation) to Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0.

Since Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0 does not support a Docker Compose based installation, you can only migrate (and not upgrade) from a Release 3.2.0 Docker Compose installation to Release 4.0.0.


Config/Data/User/Helper files must be migrated from Paragon Insights Release 3.2.0 Docker Compose installation to Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0.

For more information on upgrade that is not Docker Compose related, see Upgrading Paragon Insights Release 3.X with Kubernetes-based Installation to Release 4.X.

Follow these steps to upgrade to Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0:

  1. Backup Config data.

    The Config files must be backed up in a folder other than /var/local/healthbot/ to avoid losing data during uninstallation.

    1. Backup configuration and helper files.
    2. Backup Times Series Database (TSDB) data.
    3. Backup Keycloak users.

      You backup Keycloak users when you are migrating existing users to the new IAM service in Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0. However, you can skip this step if user migration is not required.

      To backup Keycloak users:

      1. Backup the keycloak-hb.json file.

      2. Run the following command to identify the keycloak container ID in the namespace.

        For steps 1.c.iii through 1.c.v, replace <keycloak docker-container id> with the Keycloak container ID that you identified.

      3. Connect to the keycloak container.

      4. Run the following command from the keycloak container to generate the backup file.

      5. Disconnect from the keycloak container and copy the file from the keycloak container to your local system.

    The backup process is not complete. The backed up data is stored in the host machine.

  2. Uninstall Paragon Insights Release 3.2.0.
  3. Install Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0.

    Run healthbot setup, install Kubernetes, and run healthbot start.

    For more information, see Using the Interactive Installers to Install or Upgrade to Paragon Insights Release 4.X.

  4. Restore TSDB backup.
  5. Migrate keyckoak users to IAM users.
    1. Log in to the Paragon Insights graphical user interface (GUI) using the credentials: Username: admin, Password: Admin123!.

      When you enter these one-time credentials, Paragon Insights prompts you to change the password. The default password for users other than the admin user is Change123!.

    2. If you are the admin user, you can import user configuration to Paragon Insights Release 4.0.0 by running the following command:


  6. Restore configuration and helper files.