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Open a Network That Already Has a Multicast Tree

  1. Review the Prerequisites to ensure that your network is configured properly with IP, MPLS and P2MP LSP tunnels.

  2. If you already have a specification file ready for the network, you may open it. The specification file should already have P2MP tree configured in it. For details about P2MP trees, including how to configure them using Paragon Planner, see Point-to-Multipoint Traffic Engineering Instructions. Alternatively, if you have the set of router configuration files with P2MP trees configured in them, then you may follow the procedures as described in Router Data Extraction Overview, in order to import the configuration files and create a Paragon Planner spec network model.

    The following figure shows an example specification file that has two P2MP trees configured: one called C_BLACK (centered at TORONTO) and another called C_BLACK_DIV (centered at DENVER). The two P2MP trees have the same leaf nodes.

    Figure 1: Two P2MP Trees Shown in Main Topology Map’s P2MP SubviewTwo P2MP Trees Shown in Main Topology Map’s P2MP Subview