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Configure Sensor Precedence

In Paragon Automation Platform, the following fields in device configuration, required for sensor precedence, are extracted using base platform:

  • Vendor name: Paragon Insights supports multiple vendors that include Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems, Arista Networks, and PaloAlto Networks.

  • Operating system: Name of the operating system supported by vendors such as Junos, IOS XR, and so on.

  • Product: Name of the family of products (devices) offered by a vendor. For example, MX routers, ACX routers, PTX routers from Juniper Networks.

  • Platform: Particular member device in a series of products. For example, MX2020, ACX5400 and so on.

  • Release or version: release version of the OS selected.

The configuration of above fields in the device hierarchy must match the sensor precedence specified in the Rule Properties. For example, if you include platform MX2020 in device configuration, the sensor precedence hierarchy must also include MX2020.

The following is a sample configuration of setting sensor precedence in Rule Properties:

Sensor precedence mandates changes to the current hierarchy of configuration in Rule Properties. The hierarchy of the following elements has changed in Paragon Insights. The old hierarchy of the listed elements in Rule Properties is deprecated.

  • Releases: The old statement hierarchy defined releases under product, and platform as a leaf statement under Releases. This hierarchy is deprecated.

  • Operating system: The old statement hierarchy defined operating system as a leaf statement for other vendors. This order is deprecated.