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Configure Outbound SSH Port for iAgent

In Paragon Automation Platform, you can configure TCP port number for iAgent (NETCONF) outbound SSH connections in device group configurations. Each device group has a unique port number. You can also configure a single TCP port number for outbound SSH traffic for all device groups at the ingest level.

To configure iAgent (NETCONF) port for all device groups:

  1. Go to Configuration > Data Ingest > Settings.

  2. Click the SSH tab on the Ingest Settings page.

    You can use the toggle button to enable or disable the Port field.

  3. Enter a port number for outbound SSH connections in the SSH page.


    If you configure the iAgent outbound SSH port number for a particular device group, the device group configuration takes precedence over the ingest configuration.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click Save and Deploy to save and to deploy the configuration in your existing network configurations.

    • Click Save to only save the configuration but not deploy it in the existing network.