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Configure Native GPB Ingest

The Junos device must run Junos OS Version: 15.1 or later to use the Native GPB sensor type on a Junos OS device.

To configure a Junos OS device to use Native GPB, you must configure a sensor profile, a streaming profile, an export profile, and a resource string.

  • Streaming profile — The profile associated with the server that collects exported data streamed by a monitored system resource. You can configure more than one streaming server. To collect data, you must associate a configured server with one or more configured sensors.

    To configure the server that collects data, you must also configure a destination IP address and a destination port on the Junos device. The same port must be configured at the remote end, in the Paragon Automation Platform.

  • Export profile — An export profile defines the parameters of the export process of data generated through the sensor. You can associate multiple sensor profiles with an export profile but each sensor profile can be associated with only one export profile.

  • Sensor profile — A sensor profile defines the parameters of the system resource through resource strings (such as /​junos/​services/​ldp/​label-switched-path/​transit/​usage/​) that is monitored.

See Configuring a Junos Telemetry Interface Sensor for more information on configuring the individual profile.

The following is sample configurations of streaming server profile, export profile, and sensor profiles.


The virtual IP address for Insights Services (configured during Paragon Automation Platform installation) is used for Native GPB, Syslog, and SNMP ingest configurations.

To configure streaming server port in Paragon Insights GUI:

  1. Go to Configuration > Data Ingest > Settings.
  2. Select Native GPB tab on the Ingest Settings page.
  3. Enter the port number. The port number must be the same as the remote-port configured in the streaming server profile.

    You can use the toggle button to enable or disable the Port field.

  4. Click Save & Deploy to enable the sensor to collect data in your network.