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Backup and Restore the TSDB

You can backup and restore the Time Series Database (TSDB) separately from other configuration elements. You must set a user-defined HB_EXTRA_MOUNT1 environment variable on the Paragon Insights server prior to any back up or restore operation.

For example, use the following command to set the environment variable.

Here, HB_EXTRA_MOUNT1 is a variable and is user defined.

The backup and restore operations for the TSDB are available only through the Paragon Insights CLI. The backup and restore commands are invoked by using a predefined python script, You must have root access to the CLI interface of the Paragon Insights server in order to issue these commands.

The generic command along with the required and optional arguments (in square brackets), for performing backup and restore, is described here with examples.

The required arguments for the /var/local/healthbot/healthbot tsdb command are:

  • backup—perfom a backup operation

  • restore—perform a restore operation

  • --path

    • For backup: PATH_TO_DIR—path to the directory where the backup file will be generated.

    • For restore: PATH_TO_DIR/BACKUP_FILENAME—absolute path of backup file that needs to be restored.

  • /var/local/healthbot/healthbot tsdb stop-services—stop service

  • /var/local/healthbot/healthbot tsdb start-services --port portnumber—start service


    In Paragon Automation, the TSDB port is not exposed by default. External API queries to TSDB do not need this port to be exposed as well. However, if you use external tools such as Grafana, or you need run a query to the TSDB directly (and not through APIs), the TSDB port must be exposed by using the /var/local/healthbot/healthbot tsdb start-services command.

The optional arguments for the /var/local/healthbot/healthbot tsdb command are:

Back up the TSDB

Example – Back up the TSDB and Store it in HB_EXTRA_MOUNT3

Restore the TSDB

Example – Restore the TSDB from HB_EXTRA_MOUNT2