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Edit Node Parameters

To edit node properties:

  1. Click Network > Topology.

    The Topology page is displayed with the topology map at the center and the network information table at the bottom of the page.

  2. On the Node tab, select the node you want to edit.
  3. Click the edit (pencil) icon.

    The Edit Node page appears.

  4. Edit the fields as described in Table 1.
  5. Click Edit.

    A confirmation message is displayed stating that the edit node request is sent successfully.

Table 1: Fields on Edit Node page





Edit the node name.


Edit the longitude value of the node. Longitudes range from -180 to 180.

  • Positive longitudes are east of the Prime Meridian and negative values (precede with a minus sign) are west of the Prime Meridian.

  • You can either enter the values directly or use the up and down arrows to increment or decrement the values.


Edit the latitude value of the node. Latitudes range from -90 to 90.

  • Positive values of latitude are north of the equator and negative values (precede with a minus sign) are south of the equator.

  • You can either enter the values directly or use the up and down arrows to increment or decrement the values.


Edit the geographical site name to which the node belongs, if any.

Support Secondary Path

Toggle the button to enable or disable support for a secondary path.


This field is enabled by default.

Allow any SID at First Hop

Toggle the button to allow SID at first hop. When disabled, the first hop is an adjacency SID, even if the LSP is configured to use a node SID as the first hop. If enabled, the ingress node supports any SID as the first hop of the SR LSP. In this case, a node SID can be used as the first hop. This is supported on PCC devices running Junos OS Release 18.3 or later, and requires the configuration of set protocol source-packet-routing inherit-label-nexthops.



Edit the description for the node.


Edit the topology slice IDs (positive integer value). Range is 1 through 18446744073709551615.

Custom Attributes

Edit the custom properties associated with the node.

Extra IP Addresses

Add destination IP addresses in addition to the default IPv4 router IP address, and assign a descriptive tag to each. You can then specify a tag as the destination IP address when provisioning an LSP.

  1. Click add (+) icon to add a new row.

  2. Click the newly added row to enter the Tag Name and IP address.

  3. Click √ icon to save your changes.

  • You can add multiple rows.

  • To delete an entry (row), select the row and click the delete (trash can) icon.