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Edit a Maintenance Event

To edit a maintenance event:

  1. Click Network > Topology.

    The Topology page is displayed with the topology map at the center and the network information table at the bottom of the page.

  2. Hover over the More Tabs list and select Maintenance.

    The Maintenance tab appears.

  3. Select the maintenance event you want to edit.
  4. Click the edit (pencil) icon.

    The Edit Maintenance page appears on the right.


    You cannot edit the parameters of a maintenance event which is in progress. You can only edit the Status of the event.

  5. Configure the maintenance event as per Table 1.
  6. Click Edit.

    A confirmation message is displayed stating that the edit maintenance request is sent successfully.

Table 1: Fields on the Edit Maintenance Page




Edit the status of the maintenance event by selecting one of the following:

  • Planned—The maintenance event execution is planned.

  • Completed—The maintenance event execution is completed.

  • Cancelled—When you cancel a maintenance event, it remains in the Maintenance tab of the network information table, with the operation status as Cancelled. You might want to cancel an event rather than deleting it, as you can reactivate it later with possible modifications, or use it for tracking purposes.

  • Deleted—When you delete an event, it is removed from the network information table.


    You cannot delete a maintenance event that is in progress. You can, however, cancel one.

    When an element (node, link, or SRLG) is undergoing a maintenance event, it appears on the topology map with an red M (for maintenance).


For information on other parameters, see Fields on the Add Maintenance Page.