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Automatically Group Nodes

Auto Grouping option enables you to use multiple rules in sequence to group nodes.

To auto group nodes:

  1. Click Network > Topology.

    The Topology page is displayed with the topology map at the center and the network information table at the bottom of the page.

  2. Select the nodes on the topology map by holding down the Shift key and left mouse button and dragging the mouse to create a rectangular selection box. All elements within the box are selected.
  3. Right-click and select Grouping > Auto Grouping.

    Auto grouping pane is displayed on the right.

  4. Hover over the Add list and select a rule type from one of the following:
    • City

    • Country

    • AS

    • ISIS Area

    • OSPF Area

    • Site

    • Regular Expression: Add a more specific rule by using regular expressions to group nodes by Hostname, IP address, or Type. You can find the first match for any case-sensitive expression.

    • You can create one rule for each rule type.

    • The Edit (pencil icon) function is only available for Regular Expression rules.

    • You can change the order of the rules by clicking on a rule by selecting Up or Down from the Move list to reposition the rule in the list.

    • You can also select the check box (at the bottom of the page) to apply auto-grouping to the nodes that you have selected on the topology map. By default, this is disabled.

  5. Click Submit.

    To delete a rule, select the rule and click the Delete (trash can) icon. On the confirmation message, click Yes.