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Enable UDA Scheduler in Trigger Action

You can schedule user-defined actions (UDAs) and notifications to be executed within a set time interval. To schedule UDAs, you must first create a discrete scheduler and then link the scheduler in the Trigger Action page.

You can link only one trigger action scheduler to a Paragon Automation Platform instance.

To know more about creating a scheduler, see Configure Scheduler Settings.

To enable a scheduler:

  1. Go to Configuration > Insights Settings.
  2. Click the Trigger Action tab.
  3. Select a scheduler profile that you want to associate with Trigger Action.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Save to save the scheduler profile.

      Paragon Automation does not apply the profile to the device or the network groups. This option enables you to commit or rollback the configuration changes in the platform.

    • Click Save and Deploy to deploy the configuration in your Paragon Automation instance.

      Paragon Automation executes the UDA and notifications based on the time period and the time interval configured in the scheduler. To cancel UDA scheduling, you can remove the scheduler profile and repeat the save and deploy option.

The scheduler set in Trigger Action applies to all device groups and network groups. You can disable UDA scheduling in the network group configuration. For more information, see: