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Configure a Rule Using SNMP Scalar

The following example configuration of a rule has an SNMP tabular column as a scalar field and a second field with a scalar not indexed in the SNMP table.

To configure a rule with scalar fields:

  1. Go to Configuration > Rules.

  2. Click +Add Rule on top of the Rules page.

    Fill in the topic and the rule name, description, and synopsis. You can see the new rule in the topic external by default, unless you specify a topic name here.

  3. Click +Add Sensor and enter a name for the sensor.

  4. Select SNMP as Sensor Type and 30s as Frequency.

  5. Click Add Scalar and enter IF-MIB::ifNumber in the scalar field.

    You can also enter the OID of the scalar object.

  6. Click Add Scalar and enter IF-MIB::ifAdminStatus.16 in the scalar field.


    The index number is different from one device to another and from one system to another. Before you configure a rule for a device, get the index number of the scalar object in that device. For more information, see SNMP index number.

  7. Do one of the following:

    • Save — Save your configuration changes but do not deploy the updated configuration. You can use this option when, for example, you are making several changes and want to deploy all your updates at the same time later.

    • Save and Deploy — Save the rule configuration in the GUI and deploy the configuration on your production environment. The ingest starts collecting telemetry data based on the configuration changes.