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About the License Management Page

To access this page from the Paragon Automation GUI, click Administration > License Management.

Juniper Networks introduced the Juniper Flex Software Subscription Licensing model to provide an efficient way for you to manage licenses for hardware and software features.

The License Management Page provides a complete view of the available licensing features, and details of all licenses added.

You need a license to activate the GUI. When you log in to the Paragon Automation GUI for the first time, the Dashboard page appears. Navigate to Administration > License Management to add a license. After you successfully add a license for a component (Paragon Insights, Paragon Pathfinder, or Paragon Planner), you can see the related GUI pages. The availability of features in Paragon Insights, Paragon Pathfinder, and Paragon Planner are based on the license you have purchased.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • Add a license.

  • Delete a license.

  • View licensing features.

  • View status and details of a license.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 describes the fields of the Feature Summary section.

Table 2 describes the fields of the Added License section.

Table 1: View Details of Feature Summary Section




View the names of the licenses.


View a brief description of the license.

License Limit

View the number of valid licenses successfully added and available for use.


Irrespective of the number of PIN-Advanced, and PIN-Standard platform licenses that you add, the maximum license limit is 1. However, with PIN-Devices licenses, the limit changes with the number of licenses that you add.

Usage Count

View the number of available licenses that are currently in use.

Valid Until

View the date and time of when the license expires.


View color definitions that determine license compliance.


Feature licenses are in compliance with Juniper's End User License Agreement.


Device feature licenses are >= 90% of the limit. You are getting close to running out of licenses. This status is applies only to device feature licenses.


Feature licenses are not in compliance with Juniper's End User License Agreement. Click the red dot to view details about the compliance issue.

Table 2: View Details of Added License Section



License ID

View the license identification number generated through the Juniper Agile Licensing Portal.

Customer ID

View the customer identification.


The customer ID might not be displayed after you add a license. This is because the customer ID is not embedded in the new license key format.

Order Type

View the order type (commercial, demo, education, emergency, lab, and unknown).

Validity Type

View the validity type of a license (date-based or permanent).

Start Date

View the start date of the license.

End Date

View the end date of the license.


Displays the state of the license.

Feature ID

View the feature license identification number.

Feature Name

View the feature license name.

Feature Description

View a brief description of the feature license.

License Count

View the entitled license count for this feature license.


In Paragon Automation Release 22.1, SKU Name is not available in the Added License section of the License Management page. This is because the new license key format does not support SKU Name.