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About the Device Groups Page

You must add a device to one or more device groups before you can apply rules and playbooks to a device. When you add a device group, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Select devices to be included in the device group

  • Set retention policy for time series database

  • Set port numbers for Native GPB, Syslog, SNMP Notification, and NetFlow sensors

  • Select report profiles for a device group

  • Configure SNMP ingest

  • Select ingest frequency profile

  • Configure logging for supported sensors

  • Apply tagging and summarization (data rollup and raw data) profiles

  • Configure SSH or TLS authentication

  • Select notification groups to publish sensor and field data

To access device group page in Paragon Automation Platform GUI, click Configuration > Device Groups.

Table 1 describes the fields in the Device Groups page.

Table 1: Fields in Device Groups Page



Device Group Name

Displays the name of the device group.


Displays the name of a device and ’+’ followed by a number. If you hover over the number, it displays the names of other devices added to the device group.


Displays the name of a playbook and ’+’ followed by a number. If you hover over the number, it displays the names of other playbooks deployed in the device group.


Displays the deployment status of the device group. If a device group is not deployed, it shows Saved.


Displays the first letter of the log severity such as Debug, Error, Warn or Info along with the log level.

The log level for the device group shows Global if you configure device group to collect logs for every service running on a device group.

If you configure service specific logs, the column displays Others.


Displays the number of alerts generated by each device group. If you hover over the number, it shows the breakdown of alerts by severity.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks in this page:

To export configuration details of all device groups:

  1. Go to Configuration > Device Groups.

    You are taken to the Device Group Configuration page.

  2. Click on the Export button and select Export as CSV from the menu.

    In the pop up window, click Open to view the Excel file or Save As to save the Excel file to any location in your system.