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Network Reports Overview

Network reports help you identify network issues as a result of configuration errors and LSP discrepancies.

Network reports are of two types:

  • Integrity check reports—To generate these reports, you must first run a device collection task with Configuration as a collection option to collect the router’s configuration.

  • LSP discrepancy reports—These reports are generated automatically when the topology is reloaded or when a PCEP session on a node flaps (in which case, the report is generated only for that node).

Table 1 explains the types of network reports. For details about each type of network report, see View Network Reports.

Table 1: Types of Network Reports

Report Type


Integrity Check

Lists potential configuration errors in the router’s configuration file as a result of the integrity checks performed by the Path Computation Server (PCS).

LSP Discrepancy

Lists details of the PCC-initiated and PCC-delegated LSPs that might require reprovisioning due to LSP discrepancies discovered by the Path Computation Server (PCS) when the topology is reloaded or when a PCEP session on a node flaps.