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Links Missing in the Topology Map


The topology map in the Paragon Planner desktop application GUI does not display any links for an archived network.


If the topology map does not display any links for an archived network, there can be two possible reasons: Either the backbone link (bblink.*) file is missing from the system, or the file is present in the system but is empty.

The bblink* file contains the location, quantity, vendor, and attributes of the links found in the network.

To check the status of the bblink.* file in the system, do the following:

  1. Use your server credentials to log in to the primary node of Paragon Automation.

  2. From the primary node, use the following command to obtain the name of the pod associated with the scheduler process (dcscheduler):

  3. Use the following command to log in to the dcscheduler pod:

    In the command, dc-scheduler-pod-name is the name of the pod that you obtained in Step 2.
  4. Navigate to the directory (/opt/northstar/data/archives/...) that contains the files corresponding to the archived network.

    The output displays the list of files present in the directory.

    Following is an example output that displays the size of the bblink.* file:

  5. From the list of files displayed, check whether the bblink.* file is present and that the file size is greater than 0.

    If the file is not present, or if the file is present but the file size is 0, contact the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC).