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Modify cRPD Configuration

During the installation of Paragon Automation, you can configure the address of the BGP-LS routers that will peer with cRPD to provide topology information to Paragon Pathfinder. You can also modify the cRPD configuration after installation, in the following ways:

  • You can edit the BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP) configuration file (kube-cfg.yml) located in the Paragon Automation primary node /etc/kubernetes/po/bmp/ directory, and then apply the new configuration.

    To edit the BMP configuration file and add a new neighbor:

    1. Edit the kube-cfg.yml file.

    2. Apply the changes in the kube-cfg.yml file.

    3. Connect to the cRPD container.

    4. Verify that the changes are applied.


      Any additional neighbor will be added under a configuration group named extra. Use the | display inheritance command to see the new neighbor.

  • Connect to the cRPD container and edit the configuration like you would on any Junos device.

    To connect to cRPD and add a new neighbor or change the autonomous system (AS) number:

    1. Connect to the cRPD container and enter configuration mode.

    2. Review the current BGP configuration and AS number.

    3. Change the AS number.

    4. Add a new neighbor.


      You could also add the neighbor under the configuration group extra. However, if the pod is restarted, this change will be overwritten by the configuration in the kube-cfg.yml file.

    5. Commit your configuration changes.