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Optimize Tunnel Paths for Net Grooming

To use network grooming, you must update the tunnel settings for the paths whose routes you want to improve.

You must manually modify the tunnel network file for each individual tunnel. Tunnel.x is the default tunnel file name. The file name can vary based on your current project name. In the tunnel file, you must update the Path Required (PR) statements to Path Select (PS) statements.

To modify the tunnel network file:
  1. Select File > Open File Manager.
    The File Manager window appears listing the network files.
  2. Double-click on the tunnel.x file located at /opt/northstar/data/specs/.
    A text editor window appears displaying the network tunnel information.
  3. Update the PR (Path Required) statements to PS (Path Select) statements for the tunnels and click the Save icon from the top menu of the text editor.

    For example, we can update the tunnel.x file as follows:

    Tunnel.x file before updates:

    Tunnel.x file after updating the required PR statements to PS statements:

  4. Click File > Load Network File > tunnel.x and load the tunnel file. Click Close.
    The Configured column in the Tunnels tab of the Network Info table is updated with your changes.