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Network Menu: Sites

The Site window allows you to get more detailed information about currently defined sites in the network. Sites represent node associations. These associations are typically by physical location. If several nodes are located in the same area, such as in a building, small campus, or in the same calling area, you may want to logically group these together by site. This grouping is not necessarily related to the hardware design of a network.

Figure 1: Sites WindowSites Window
  • Node Details: Jumps to the Nodes view and displays nodes that belong to the selected site.

  • Create Group: Creates a group based on the nodes of the selected site. Opens an input name dialog window for the new group.

  • Add: Opens a Add Site dialog window for inputting the name of the new site, and values of customized site user parameters.

  • Modify: Modify a site or the site user parameters

  • Delete: Deletes the selected site from the network.

Assigning Nodes to a Site

Nodes may be added to a site from the Nodes window by using either Add Node or Modify Node functions. In the Add or Modify window, select the site from the Site ID drop down menu.

User Parameters

User parameters allow you to define their own parameters for sites. Before entering in values for site user parameters, these parameters must first be created under Modify > User Parameters, in the Site tab.