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Design Menu: Metric Optimization


Metric Optimization is available for router networks.

The Design > Metric Optimization option attempts to optimize the link metrics to remove congestion from the network. Upon selecting this option, a wizard guides you to select the candidate links that can be changed and an algorithm to use for optimizing their metrics. Once the operation is complete, the metric changes are reported in METRICBAL.runcode, where runcode is the file extension used by your network project specification file. The report indicates the number of links whose metrics have been changed, the old and new worst case utilization, and the old and new metric values for modified links. You have the option to review the link changes and rerouted demands and to accept or discard the new metric changes. After accepting the new metric changes, you can save the metrics by saving the entire network or saving only the bblink file using File > Save Network File > Links. If you wish to revert back to your original link metrics, simply read in the original bblink file using the File > Load Network Files window. Click on the “Network Files” tab, and then press the bblink button to browse for the original link file.

For further details, refer to the Paragon Planner User Guide.