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Accessing the User Administration Window

To access the User Administration window, you must log in to the client with the user account used to install the server. Other users will not see the User Administration window.

There are three types of users:

  • Full Access users who can log into the client and optionally the web, which are mapped to a Unix User. Any Full Access user created through the User Administration window must map to an existing Unix user on the Paragon Planner server. The login name used to log in to Paragon Planner should be the same as the Unix user name. The corresponding password is the same as the password for the corresponding Unix user account. The only exception is the “admin” user which is mapped to the Unix account of the user that installed the application. Authentication is done through an LDAP server that is installed on the same server machine of Paragon Planner.

  • Web Portal users who are restricted to the web only.

  • Web VPN users who are restricted to the web VPN view. These users can be assigned access to view only certain VPN customers.