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Obtaining and Importing Network Files

Paragon Planner helps you to simulate various scenarios in a network without affecting the actual network. You can obtain the network files for simulating and analyzing network scenarios in Paragon Planner by running the device collection and network archive tasks in Paragon Pathfinder, and then importing the network files into Paragon Planner. You can then use the imported files to simulate various network scenarios, such as failure of network elements (nodes, links, interfaces, and so on), and see how the failures affect the network.

To obtain network files for simulation and analysis in Paragon Planner:

  1. Run the device collection task in Paragon Pathfinder and ensure that you select the Store Collection for Planner check box, so that the specification files and raw data from the network devices are available in Paragon Planner. See Add a Device Collection Task.
  2. Run the Network archive task in Paragon Pathfinder to create the network model for use in Paragon Planner. See Add a Network Archive Task.
  3. Import the network data that you obtained in the preceding step into the Paragon Planner application:
    1. Access the Paragon Planner Desktop Application. See Access Paragon Planner Desktop Application.

    2. Import the network topology by using the Import Network wizard (File > Import Network Wizard on the menu bar). See Router Data Extraction Overview The topology of the network appears in the Map window

You can proceed with running a with simulation or exit Paragon Planner and run a simulation later. For more information, see: