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Filter a Device Group

In the Device Group Configuration page, you can filter and search for a device group. You can also search for a device group by clicking on the search button (magnifying glass icon) and entering the name of a device group. The page displays the device group you entered in the search field.

To apply filter:

  1. Go to Configuration > Device Group configuration.

    You are taken to the Device Group Configuration page.

  2. Click on the filter button (funnel icon) and click on the Add Filter button.

    The Add Criteria window pops up.

  3. Select a device, a device group, a playbook and so on from the drop-down menu of the Field box.
  4. Select a condition from Includes, =, and != from the drop-down menu of Condition box.
  5. Enter the name of a device, device group, status (Deployed or Saved) in the Value box.

    The results of your search is displayed on the Device Group Configuration page.

  6. (Optional) Click on the + button at the side of the existing filter to add new filters.
  7. (Optional) Click on the Save button to save your filter.

    In the Save Filter window, enter a name for your filter and enable Set as Default if you want the filter to be marked as default.

    You can find the saved and default filters when you click on the filter button. Click on the x beside the filter name to remove the filter.