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Assign Names to Admin Group Bits

Admin groups, also known as link coloring or resource class assignment, are manually assigned attributes that describe the “color” of links, such that links with the same color conceptually belong to the same class. The path computation element (PCE) automatically discovers admin group bits associated with a link or label-switched path (LSP).

You can use the Admin Group page to assign a meaningful name to the admin group bits (0 through 31).

For example, you might want to map an admin group to a network region, such as San Francisco or New York, where each region is given its own bit name. Or, you can map each admin group to a color so that you can easily differentiate the different traffic routes in the topology map.


You can access this page only if you have the permission to perform tasks (create, read, update, delete) in the Network page (Configuration > Network).

To assign names to admin group bits:

  1. Select Configuration > Network Settings > Admin Group.

    The Admin Group page appears.

  2. Specify a meaningful name for one or more corresponding admin group bits (0 through 31).

    If you don’t specify a name, the default naming (bit0, bit1, and so on) is used.

  3. Click Save Changes.

    A confirmation message appears on the top of the page indicating that the changes have been saved successfully.

    In the Link tab of the network information table, the admin group bit names appear in the Admin Group AZ and Admin Group ZA columns. In the Tunnel tab, the admin group bit names appear in the Admin Group Include All, Admin Group Include Any, and Admin Group Exclude columns.

  4. (Optional) To see the admin group names on the topology map, right-click the blank space in the topology map and select Link Label > TE Admin Group A::Z from the list. The named (colored) links then appear in the topology map.