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Add a Test Agent for Network Slices

While provisioning a network slice, Paragon Active Assurance (PAA) runs tests on the slice by using Test Agents. The Test Agents are connected to the nodes before configuring a network slice and the connections are managed in Paragon Pathfinder topology The Test Agent generates active, synthetic traffic for measuring service quality in the slice across multiple applications, services, and technology domains. For information about Paragon Active Assurance, see Paragon Active Assurance User Guide.

Figure shows a topology with Test Agents PAA-Test-1 and PAA-Test-2 connected to node vmx103 and Test Agent PAA-Test-3 connected to node vmx101.

Figure 1: Network Topology with Paragon Active Assurance Test Agents

To add a Test Agent to a network:

  1. Add a Test Agent to the network topology; see Add a Node.

    To add a Test Agent, select Active Assurance for the node's role.

  2. Add a link from the Test Agent to a provider edge node in the network topology; see Add a Link.