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Configure SMTP Settings

You must configure SMTP in Paragon Automation so that the Paragon Automation users can be notified when their account is created, activated, locked, or when password is changed for their account.

To configure SMTP settings:

  1. Click Administration > Authentication > SMTP Settings in the left navigation bar.

    The SMTP Settings page appears.

  2. Configure SMTP settings referring to Table 1.
  3. Click Save.

    The SMTP settings are saved.

Table 1 lists the fields on the SMTP Settings page.

Table 1: SMTP Settings
Field Description
SMTP Server

Server Address

Enter the hostname for the SMTP server.


Click to enable or disable Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. If you enable TLS, the e-mail messages are transmitted over an encrypted channel.

Port Number

Enter the port number for the SMTP server. Check with your e-mail service provider for the SMTP port number. By default, the port number is set to 587 when TLS is enabled and to 25 when TLS is disabled. However, you can modify the port number.

SMTP Authentication

SMTP Authentication

Enable (default) this option if the e-mail server requires authentication before an e-mail can be sent.

The Username and Password fields are displayed when you enable this option.

Disable this option if you want to configure an unauthenticated e-mail server.

The From Name and From Email Address fields are displayed when you disable this option.

From Name

Enter the name to be displayed in the From field in the e-mail sent to a user.

From Email Address

Enter the e-mail address from which Paragon Automation should send e-mails to users. The name can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphen (-); 35 characters long.

User Name

Configure the username for logging in to the SMTP server.


Enter the password that you want to use for authentication.

The password should be between 8 to 20 characters and must be a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Confirm Password

Reenter the password for confirmation.

From Name

Enter a name. This name will appear as the sender’s name in the e-mails sent to users from Paragon Automation. ;

From E-Mail Address

Enter your e-mail address in the user@domain format. This e-mail address will appear as the sender’s e-mail address to the e-mail recipient.

Test SMTP Settings

E-mail Address

Enter your e-mail address to test the SMTP configuration.

Send Test E-mail

Click the Send Test E-mail button. If the settings are correct, you will receive an e-mail from the address configured in the From E-Mail Address field.