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Grafana Overview

Grafana is an open-source data visualization tool. You use the Grafana UI to create and to view charts, graphs, and other visuals to help organize and understand data. You can create dashboards to monitor the status of devices, and you can also query data and view the results from the UI. Grafana UI renders data from Paragon Automation time series database (TSDB). For more information, see Grafana Documentation.

Access the Grafana UI and View Dashboards

You access the Grafana UI directly from the Paragon Automation UI.

All logged in users can access and use Grafana and its features by clicking Monitoring > Graphs > Grafana from the Paragon Automation UI.

You use dashboards to monitor the status and health of devices. Follow these steps to view existing dashboards or to create new dashboards from the Grafana UI:

  • To create a dashboard, click (+) > Create > Dashboards > Add Panel from the left-nav panel.
  • To view existing dashboards, click Dashboards > Home from the left-nav panel.