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About Playbooks

In order to fully understand any given problem or situation on a network, it is often necessary to look at a number of different system components, topics, or key performance indicators (KPIs). Paragon Insights operates on playbooks, which are collections of rules for addressing a specific use case. Playbooks are the Paragon Insights element that gets applied, or run, on your device groups or network groups.

Paragon Insights comes with a set of pre-defined Playbooks. For example, the system-KPI playbook monitors the health of system parameters such as system-cpu-load-average, storage, system-memory, process-memory, etc. It then notifies the operator or takes corrective action in case any of the KPIs cross pre-set thresholds. Following is a sample list of Juniper-supplied Playbooks.

  • bgp-session-stats

  • route-summary-playbook

  • lldp-playbook

  • interface-kpis-playbook

  • system-kpis-playbook

  • linecard-kpis-playbook

  • chassis-kpis-playbook

You can create a playbook and include any rules you want in it. You apply these playbooks to device groups. By default, all rules contained in a Playbook are applied to all of the devices in the device group. There is currently no way to change this behavior.

If your playbook definition includes network rules, then the playbook becomes a network playbook and can only be applied to network groups. You must not add device group rules and network rules in a single playbook.

To access the Playbooks page in the Paragon Automation Platform GUI, go to Configuration > Playbooks.

You can perform the following tasks in Playbooks page.