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About the Network Groups Page

To access network group page in Paragon Automation Platform GUI, click Configuration > Network Groups.

Network groups allow you to correlate health status data between multiple devices across the network. For example, you can create a network group that monitors the ping times between two or more devices and notifies you if the ping times are too high.

Table 1 describes the fields in the Network Groups page.

Table 1: Fields in Network Groups Page



Network Name

Displays the name of the network group.


Displays the description you give when adding the network group.


Displays the number of playbooks applied to the network group.


Displays the number of playbook instances applied to the network group.


Displays the first letter of the log severity such as Debug, Error, Warn or Info along with the log level.

The log level for the device group shows Global if you configure device group to collect logs for every service running on a device group.

If you configure service specific logs, the column displays Others.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks in this page:

To export configuration details of all network groups:

  1. Go to Configuration > Network Groups.

    You are taken to the Network Configuration page.

  2. Click on the Export button (at the top right corner) and select Export as CSV from the menu.

    In the pop up window, click Open to view the Excel file or Save As to save the Excel file to any location in your system.