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Use Exim4 for E-mails

Exim4 is a mail transfer agent (MTA) for Unix-like systems that connect to the internet. The Exim4 agent, that is included in the Paragon Automation software, sends network health reports and alert notifications (for network or device issues) to the e-mail account of the Exim4 host user. The Exim4 host is the Paragon Automation primary node.


In case of multinode Paragon Automation installation with more than one primary node, the Exim4 host is one of the primary nodes.

To enable Paragon Automation to use Exim4 MTA, you must do the following:

  • Configure the Exim4 hostname (the primary node hostname) in the file that has the environment variables of all microservices. This configuration ensures that Paragon Automation can reach the Exim4 host when an alert or a report is generated. If the Exim4 host is not reachable, Paragon Automation does not forward the e-mail to the Exim4 agent.

  • Configure your DNS server to resolve the Exim4 host's FQDN to the virtual IP address (VIP) of the Paragon Automation Ingress Controller. The format of the FQDN is This configuration ensures that the Exim4 agent discovers the DNS mail server for the domain, based on the Exim4 host's FQDN. The Exim4 agent then forwards the e-mail to the DNS mail server.