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PCS Out of Sync with Toposerver


The Path Computation Server (PCS) is out of sync with the topology server (Toposerver); therefore, these two components have a different view of the network.


The PCS can be out of sync with the Toposerver for a variety of reasons. For example, the messaging bus that these components use for communication might have a problem, the server might be busy or overloaded, and so on. Therefore, each component has a different view of the network.


The following example provides information about solving the problem when the PCS and Toposerver disagree on the state of the label-switched paths (LSPs). You can also perform these steps to resolve similar synchronization issues, such as with the nodes.

To restore synchronization, you must delete and re-create the Path Computation Element (PCE) server pod by using the following procedure:


Be aware that this procedure:

  • Kills the Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP) sessions for all Path Computation Clients (PCCs), not just the one with which there is a problem.

  • Results in the loss of all user data, which then needs to be repopulated.

  • Has an impact on the production system due to the re-synchronization.

  1. Use your server credentials to log in to the primary node of Paragon Automation.

  2. From the primary node, delete the deployment of the PCE server so that the PCE server pod is removed.

  3. Wait for 10 seconds to allow the PCC to remove all lingering LSPs. Then, use the following command to re-create the PCE server pod:

  4. Use the following command to re-create the Toposerver pod:


    Alternatively, you can contact the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) for help with a Reset action that erases all data. This action is for a lab environment (not production). We strongly recommend that you perform the Reset action only under the supervision of JTAC.

    The Reset action consists of restarting the Toposerver by resetting the network model from the GUI (Configuration > Network Settings > Pathfinder Settings> Advanced Settings > Reset Network Model). The Reset action erases the data in the network model and the data provided through the Add or Modify actions in the network information table. Therefore, the Reset action is typically appropriate for a lab rather than a production environment. See Reset the Network Model for more information about this operation.

    The synchronization is now restored.