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Resolved Issues

This section lists the resolved issues in Juniper Paragon Automation Release 22.1.

  • On the Add Filter page, the Save option is not displayed if you create more than one filter on the GUI pages.

  • On the Add Resources > Dependency tab, while you are editing a new term with the dependency type as Other Device or Other Network, and if you add a second Locate Resource, the Resource Name field doesn't include a label along with the resource name.

  • The interactive terminal for the Pathfinder node appears blank.

  • The default resources that are pre-installed on the Resources page might have some overlapping connections. If you add new resources there might be further overlapping connections, which reduces the effectiveness of the graphical visualization of resources.

  • SNMPv3 Informs are not supported in Paragon Automation Release 21.3.

  • At the time of installation, debug user accounts (For example, hb-northstar-admin, hb-tm-admin, hb-ems-admin) are created by default. In some deployments, the debug user accounts are not created at the time of installation, and therefore you cannot log in to the Paragon Automation GUI using the debug user account.

  • In the Configuration > Action Engine > Add New Workflow page, the list of tasks in the Entry Task and Exit Task drop-down lists in the General tab, are not getting updated to reflect the current tasks that are created or deleted in the Tasks tab.

  • While adding a filter to a table in GUI pages that support filtering, if you use both AND and OR logical operators as filter conditions, the results are not as expected.

  • When you click the Help (?) icon on the top-right corner of the Paragon Automation GUI, the list of panels (Getting Started, What's New, Quick Help, About) is not displayed on the first click.