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PCCs Are Not PCEP-Enabled


Path Computation Clients (PCCs) in the topology are not Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP)-enabled.


The topology server (Toposerver) associates the PCEP sessions with the PCCs in the topology to mark the PCCs as PCEP-enabled. Ideally, the Toposerver recognizes the IP address of the PCC that establishes the PCEP session. The association is not successful if the Toposerver does not recognize that IP address automatically from the traffic engineering database. For example, the Toposerver will not receive the IP address from the traffic engineering database if the PCC establishes a PCEP session through the management IP address.

When the PCC successfully establishes a PCEP session, the PCC sends a PCC_SYNC_COMPLETE message to the Toposerver. This message indicates to the controller that synchronization is complete. Following is a sample log entry that the Toposerver generates. The log entry displays the PCC_SYNC_COMPLETE message and the PCEP IP address, which the controller may or may not recognize:


The logs that you view may differ from the logs in this document. The logs change based on the installed version of Paragon Automation.

To solve the problem, you must:

  • Manually enter the unrecognized IP address of the device on the Add Devices page (Configuration > Devices >+).

  • Ensure that at least one LSP originates from the PCC. If an LSP originates from the PCC, the Toposerver can associate the PCEP session with that PCC in the traffic engineering database.

After the problem is solved, the Toposerver adds the PCEP IP address to the PCC attributes. Following is a sample PCS log. This log indicates that the Toposerver has added the PCEP IP address to the PCC attributes: