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User Service Accounts for Debugging

Paragon Pathfinder, telemetry manager, and base platform applications internally use Paragon Insights for telemetry collection. To facilitate debugging of configuration issues associated with these applications, three user service accounts are created, by default, during Paragon Automation installation. The scope of these service accounts is limited to debugging the corresponding application only. The service accounts details are listed in the following table.

Table 1: Service Account Details
Application Name and Scope Account Username Account Default Password
Paragon Pathfinder (northstar) hb-northstar-admin Admin123!
Telemetry manager (tm) hb-tm-admin
Base platform (ems-dmon) hb-ems-dmon

For example, to debug issues with Paragon Pathfinder, log in to the Paragon Automation GUI using hb-northstar-admin as the username and Admin123! as the password. We recommend that you change the login credentials upon first use, for security reasons.

You must use these accounts solely for debugging purposes. Do not use these accounts for day-to-day operations or for modifying any configuration.