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Import Network Using Saved Network Models

The network import option enables you to import data files that can be converted to a network model.

  1. Select Network Models > Saved Network Models.
    The Saved Network Model page appears.
  2. Select Import.
    The Import Network page appears.
  3. Configure the fields as described in Table 1.

    Fields marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory.

  4. Click Add.
    A confirmation message appears stating that the network import was successful and is available in the Saved Network Models page.
    Table 1: Fields on the Import Network Page
    Field Description
    Import Type Select one of the following types of import:
    • Specs (this is the easiest way to import a network as the spec file is easily parsed by Paragon Planner)
    • Router and Switches (router configuration files)
    • OSPF/ISIS Database
    • TED Database

    When you select Routers and Switches, OSPF/ISIS Database, or TED database as the Import Type, you have the option to select various optional advanced settings or to ignore one or more IP addresses/ERX interfaces. For more information, see Import Network Wizard in the Paragon Planner Desktop Application User Guide.

    Network Name Enter a name for the network. Only “ _ - . : > < (symbols) are allowed. Character limit is be 255.
    Description Enter a description for the network.
    Import from File Click Browse and navigate to the .tar or tar.gz file that you want to import.