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Migrate Data from NorthStar to Paragon Automation

SUMMARY Use the steps described in this topic to migrate date from NorthStar to Paragon Automation.

Ensure that both the NorthStar and Paragon Automation setups are up and running.

Migrate NorthStar Planner Data

If you want to use saved NorthStar Planner models on the NorthStar application server file system in Paragon Automation, copy the models using the following steps:
  1. Log in to the NorthStar server.
  2. Use scp and copy the directory (/opt/northstar/data/specs) where your Planner models are saved to the Paragon Automation primary node (/root/ns_specs). For example:
  3. Log in to the Paragon Automation primary node.
  4. Copy the /root/ns_specs folder to the NorthStar Planner pod at /opt/northstar/data/specs using the kubectl command. For example:
  5. Verify that the NorthStar Planner models are copied inside the NorthStar Planner pod at /opt/northstar/data/specs/ns_specs.