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Top Menu Bar Overview

The top menu bar on the Topology (Network > Topology) page of the Paragon Planner displays:

  • Name of the network model open currently
  • Protocol that the network is using
  • Selected Layer (Layer 3 or Tunnel Layer)—You can hover over this option to switch between layers. Layer 3 is the default. The topology map is updated based on your selection.
  • Selected mode (Design or Simulation)—You can hover over this option to switch between the modes. In the Design mode, you can perform demand and tunnel path design, rerouting, sizing; and network resizing, optimization and analysis. For more information on simulation mode, see Simulation Mode Overview or Paragon Planner User Guide.
  • Action drop-down list where you can:
    • View network summary—Click Show Network Summary to open the Summary pane on the right displaying the network elements count, tunnel count with bandwidth information and hope count in the network.
    • Save Network—Saves your work to the Planner database.
    • Save Network As—Saves a copy of the network model to the Planner database with the name you specify. On the Save A Network Model page, enter a name for the network model and an optional description. The saved model is then available on the Saved Network Models page.
    • Detach Session—Detaches the network from your current working session.
    • Close Session—Deletes the session that you currently have open from the database. The entry is removed from the Sessions page. This is similar to deleting the session from the Sessions page directly by clicking the Delete (trash can) icon.
    • Click the refresh icon to update the network model topology based on the latest information received from the server.
    • The lock symbol indicates communication with the server. The symbol might turn red or orange if any action is pending from the server side.