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About the Pathfinder Collections Page

You can view or delete collections that are imported from Pathfinder in the Pathfinder Collections (Network Models > Pathfinder Collections) page. You can import a new network using from the selected collection.

To import a collection from Pathfinder, you must add and run a Device Collection task to collect configuration data for all or selected devices in your network. For more information, see Add a Device Collection Task in Paragon Automation User Guide. After this task completes, the collection is listed in Pathfinder Collections page. You can then import the collection to build a network model.


Ensure that you select the Store Collection to Planner field while creating the network archive task.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • Import a collection. For more information, see Import Network from Collection.
  • Group By—Select Task from the list to group collections based on the device collection task associated with it or select None (default).
  • From the More list, you can view details about existing collections—Click the Details icon when you hover over the collection name or select More > Detail. The Collection Details pane appears on the right displaying information about devices associated with the collection (IP address, Management IP address, and Hostname) and general collection details.
  • Delete a collection—Select the collection and click the Delete (trashcan) icon. On the confirmation message, click Yes. The collection is deleted and is removed from the Pathfinder Collections page.
  • Show/Hide Columns—Choose to show or hide a specific column in the table.

    Hover over the More Options (vertical ellipsis) > Show/Hide Columns and select the Column-Name check box of the columns you want to display in the table.

  • Reset Preference—Reset the displayed columns to the default set of columns for each tab in the table.

    Hover over the More Options (vertical ellipsis) and select Reset Preference.

  • Sort Entries—Click the column name to highlight the up and down arrows next to the column name, to sort the table entries in ascending or descending order.