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Edit, Clone, Delete, and Download Rules

The following procedures show how to edit, clone, delete, and download rules.

  1. Click Configuration > Rules in the Paragon Automation menu.

    The Rules page appears.

  2. Click the name of the rule (listed under a topic) in the left side of the Rules page.

    For example, check-interface-status.

  3. You can perform the following tasks:
    • Edit a rule — Modify the necessary fields in Sensors tab, Fields tab, Trigger tab, and so on.

      After you edit a rule, you can Save or Save & Deploy the rule configuration.

      • Save — Save your configuration changes but do not deploy the updated configuration. You can use this option when, for example, you are making several changes and want to deploy all your updates at the same time later.

        If you choose only to save the changes, you can either commit or roll back the changes later. For more information, see Commit or Roll Back Configuration Changes in Paragon Insights.

      • Save & Deploy — Save the rule configuration in the GUI and deploy the configuration on your production environment. The ingest starts collecting telemetry data based on the configuration changes.

    • (Optional) Clone a rule — Click Clone to create a copy of the rule configuration.

      You can rename and edit the configuration details of the cloned rule. A cloned rule appears in the external topic.

    • (Optional) Delete a rule — Click Delete located to the right of the rule name. A deletion confirmation message appears where you can Delete or Delete & Deploy a rule configuration.

      If you delete a rule using Delete, the rule configuration is removed in Paragon Automation Platform only during next deployment. Until then, the application continues to collect sensor data based on the fields defined in the deleted rule. You can also rollback your deletion, if you used Delete. For more information, see Commit or Roll Back Configuration Changes in Paragon Insights.

      If you delete a rule using Delete & Deploy, the rule configuration is removed from Paragon Automation and you cannot rollback the change.


      Before you delete a rule, ensure that you remove the rule in Playbook instance(s) where you added the rule.

    • (Optional) Download a rule configuration — Click Download located to the right of the rule name. You can open or save the rule configuration tarball in the pop-up window.

      You must have pre-installed an application to open or extract tar files to open the rule configuration files.

      To save the configuration tarball, select Save File in the download pop-up window, navigate to a location on your local system, and click Save. You can optionally rename the file before saving it in your system.