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About the Maintenance Tab

You can use the Maintenance tab in the network information table to schedule maintenance events for network elements, so that you can perform updates or other configuration tasks. Maintenance events are planned downtimes which occur at specific future date and time. During a scheduled maintenance event, the selected elements are considered logically down, and the system reroutes the LSPs around those elements. After the maintenance event is completed, by default, all LSPs that were affected by the event are reoptimized.


Paragon Pathfinder only attempts to reoptimize PCE-initiated and PCC-delegated LSPs (not PCC-controlled LSPs).

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks:

  • Add a maintenance event. See Add a Maintenance Event.

  • Edit an existing maintenance event. See Edit a Maintenance Event.

  • Delete a maintenance event. See Delete a Maintenance Event.

  • Simulate a maintenance event. See Simulate a Maintenance Event.

  • View health of a device in maintenance—Select the maintenance event and click Device Health. Select the device for which you want to view the health information. You are redirected to the Network Health page, which displays the device health information in a table and tile view. For more information, see About the Network Health Page.

  • Download maintenance event information—Click Download to download information about all planned maintenance events in CSV format.

  • View Details—View detailed information about the existing maintenance events by clicking More >Show Detail or click the Details icon displayed next to the maintenance event name when you hover over it.