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Resolved Issues

This section lists the resolved issues in Juniper Paragon Automation Release 21.2.

  • When you use the destroy command to uninstall Paragon Automation, uninstall fails if the persistent volume that is used for backup and restore contains backup files. An error similar to the following occurs:
  • You cannot view the statistics of segment-routing LSPs.

  • While adding a maintenance event, you must not include a space in the Name field.

  • If you specify an incorrect URL to access the Paragon Automation GUI, a 404 error is not displayed and you are not redirected to a known page or to an error page.

  • While you reschedule the config-server microservice on another node (for example, when a node is down), if there are Kubernetes-related issues, then the Postgress database will be cleaned up and the data might not be repopulated. Due to this issue, the device groups are not listed on the Device Groups page. The Device Groups page appears to be blank.

  • You cannot provision a segment-routed LSP (through PCEP or NETCONF) on Cisco IOS XR devices.

  • If you change the hostname of a device on the Configuration > Device page or through APIs, the changes are not reflected on the Add Device Group page.

  • The periodic aggregation function in the ingest pipeline ignores the packets that have arrived out of sequence (for example, this can happen for the UDP ingest). These packets are later not considered in the aggregation calculation, which in turn can result in some data deviation in the JTI telemetry data (bps/pps).

  • If you deploy playbook instances back-to-back, the deployment might fail due to a database error. This is a rare scenario.

  • When you update a playbook, the new changes in the playbook are not applied to the existing instances of the playbook. For example, a playbook instance that is associated with a device group is not updated when the playbook is edited or updated.

  • You cannot export audit logs in PDF format.

  • If you use Flex Software License Model for a device or if you are using devices running Junos OS Evolved, then Paragon Automation does not discover those devices.