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In Paragon Automation Release 21.1, the licensing was honor-based. Starting from Paragon Automation Release 21.2, licenses are enforced for Paragon Insights and Paragon Pathfinder.

In Paragon Insights, the following license tiers and their related device licenses are enforced:

  • Paragon Insights Advanced (PIN-Advanced)
  • Paragon Insights Standard (PIN-Standard)

Currently, the tier licenses are hard enforced. That is, you cannot perform the deploy operation unless you add the licenses. The device licenses are soft enforced. That is, you will receive an out-of-compliance alert in the Paragon Automation GUI if you exceed the number of devices for which you have obtained licenses. However, the existing functionality will not be blocked. You can view your license compliance status on the Administration > License Management page in the GUI.

In Paragon Pathfinder, the following license tiers are enforced:

  • Pathfinder Standard
  • Pathfinder Advanced
  • Pathfinder Premium

However, device licenses are not enforced in Paragon Pathfinder.

For information about Paragon Insights and Paragon Pathfinder licenses, see Paragon Insights Licensing Overview and Paragon Pathfinder Licensing Overview.