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Maintenance Reports Overview

When an exhaustive failure maintenance simulation completes, several maintenance reports are generated which can be viewed from Monitoring > Reports > Maintenance > Report-Name page. For more information on each maintenance report, see View Maintenance Reports.


If you have multiple maintenance event simulations active at a time, you can choose to view reports for a particular event by selecting the event name from the Branches list at top-left corner of the page.

Table 1 describes the reports generated after an exhaustive maintenance simulation.

Table 1: Types of Maintenance Reports

Report Name


Link Oversubscription

Lists the links that reached over 100% utilization during the exhaustive failure simulation.

Link Utilization Changes

Shows changes in link RSVP bandwidth reservation if all LSPs were to be routed over their optimized paths instead of their current paths.

LSP Path Changes

Shows changes to the tunnel paths, number of hops, path cost, and delay for PCE-initiated and PCC-delegated LSPs as a result of path analysis.

Maintenance Simulation

Shows link utilization and LSP routing changes caused by maintenance events during failure simulation.

Path Delay

Shows the worst path delay and distance experience by each tunnel and the associated failure event that caused the worst-case scenario.

Peak Interface Utilization

Shows physical interfaces report with normal utilization, the worst utilization, and the causing events during exhaustive failure simulation.

Peak Link Utilization

Shows the peak utilization encountered from one or more elements that failed for each link.

Peak Simulation Summary

Shows the summary view of the count, bandwidth, and hops of the tunnels that were impacted or failed during simulation.

Peak Tunnel Failure

Lists the tunnels that were unable to reroute and the events that prevented the tunnels reroute during exhaustive failure simulation.