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Paragon Pathfinder Licensing Overview

Juniper Networks introduced the Juniper Flex Software Subscription Licensing model to provide an efficient way for you to manage licenses for hardware and software features. Starting from Paragon Automation Release 21.2, Paragon Pathfinder uses the Flex licensing model.

To use a licensed feature, you need to purchase, activate, and deploy the license corresponding to that feature. You can administer and manage the licenses through the Juniper Agile Licensing Portal. The Agile portal provides an intuitive, task-based user interface for full lifecycle management of licenses.

When you log in to the Paragon Automation GUI for the first time, the Dashboard page appears. Navigate to Administration > License Management page to add a license. After you successfully activate the license for Paragon Pathfinder, you can see the related GUI pages. The availability of features in Paragon Pathfinder is based on the license you have purchased.

Paragon Pathfinder License Levels

Starting with Paragon Automation Release 21.2, you need to purchase a license to use Paragon Pathfinder features.

To use the higher level license, you must order the lower level licenses as well. For example, if you want to order the Pathfinder Premium license, the Pathfinder Advanced and Pathfinder standard licenses are also required. Similarly, for the Pathfinder Advanced license, the Pathfinder Standard license is required.

Paragon Pathfinder provides the following license levels:

  • Pathfinder Standard—This is the base license level for Paragon Pathfinder. With this license, you can view the network topology and configure certain network components.
  • Pathfinder Advanced—This is the mid licensing level for Paragon Pathfinder. With this license, you can view network reports and configure additional traffic engineering options.
  • Pathfinder Premium—This is the premium licensing level for Paragon Pathfinder. With this license, you can incorporate network slicing and transport controller options in your network.
Table 1: Pathfinder License Levels
Licensing Level Activated UI Pages and Features
PathFinder Standard

Configuration > Network Settings

Administration > Task Scheduler

Network > Topology

Network > Topology > Tunnel Tab

Network > Segment Routing

Planning > Paragon Planner Desktop

PathFinder Advanced

Monitoring > Reports > Network

Network > Traffic Engineering > Path Optimization

Network > Topology > Maintenance Tab

PathFinder Premium Transport Controller

Network Slicing

Table 2: Pathfinder License SKUs and Associated Features
License SKU Feature Name Feature ID Number

Pathfinder Standard S-PPF-S1-[135]

Dynamic Topology acquisition

Topology visualization

JTI telemetry collection

SNMP based collection

Interface statistics visualization

LSP reporting, statistics visualization (RSVP, SR)

Delay visualization

Flow collection

cRPD support

P2MP LSP visualization











Pathfinder Advanced S-PPF-A1-[135]

Tunnel provisioning (RSVP/SR)

Symmetric pair groups

Diverse Tunnels

Standby and secondary tunnels

Auto-bandwidth LSPs

Tunnel optimization (bandwidth, delay)

Maintenance events

P2MP LSP provisioning









Pathfinder Premium S-PPF-P1-[135]

Multilayer packet-optical support

Network Slicing Management