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About the Interface Tab

You can view detailed information about interfaces associated with different nodes on the topology map from the Interfaces tab.

Interfaces cannot be added, modified, or deleted from the network information table.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following actions:

  • From the View list, you can view the interface traffic (in bps) and interface delay for previous 3 hours, 1 day, 1 week, or custom time range in a graphical format. You can pin these windows anywhere on the screen using the pin icon.

  • From the Diagnostics list, you can:

    • Show Interface—Runs the show interfaces CLI command for each interface associated with the link. Interface related information is displayed on the Diagnostics window. You can view the status, type, node for which the command is run (From), description, and time of last execution for each associated interface. Once the commands are run, you can view detailed execution details under the Result tab.


      From the New list, you can run a new ping and traceroute command. You can also download all the diagnostic related information as a text file by clicking Download.

  • Download node information—Click Download to download detailed information about all the existing interfaces in the topology in CSV format.

  • From the More List, you can:

    • View detailed information about the interface by clicking Show Detail or click the Details icon displayed next to the interface name when you hover over it. A pop-up appears displaying the traffic and protocol details about the selected interface.

    • Reload the network—When there is a large number of interfaces, you can click Reload to clear the interface back end cache and reload the data (table entries) from the database.