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Adopt a Device

You should be a user with Super User or Network Admin privileges to adopt a device (router, switch, or firewall).


You can only adopt a Router in this release.

A Super User or Network Admin can adopt a device that is already a part of the network, and manage the device by using Paragon Automation. When a device is adopted, management tasks such as update configurations using configuration templates, apply licenses, and upgrade software can be performed. However, you cannot obtain the granular metrics about the device’s health and performance that you obtain for a device that is onboarded by using the network implementation plan.

The status of a device that is already installed and connected to the network, but is not managed by the Paragon Automation appears as Disconnected on the Inventory page (Administration > Inventory). After the device connects with Paragon Automation, the status of the device changes to Connected, indicating that the device is managed by Paragon Automation.

Before you adopt a device, ensure that:

  • The device can reach the gateway.


    If a firewall exists between Juniper cloud and the device, configure the firewall to allow outbound access on TCP ports 443, 2200, 6800, and 32,767 from the management port of the device.

  • The device can connect to the Internet by pinging ipaddress

To adopt a device:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Inventory.

    The Inventory page appears.

  2. On the Installed Base tab, click Adopt Device.

    The Device Adoption page appears.

    Alternatively, click the Adopt Router on the Routers tab. The Router Adoption page appears.

  3. Click Select Site to select the site where the device is installed.
    The outbound SSH configuration that is required for the device to establish a connection with Paragon Automation appears.
  4. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the CLI commands under Apply the following CLI commands to adopt a Juniper Device if meets the requirements. section to the clipboard.
  5. Access the device by using Telnet or SSH and log in to the device in configuration mode.
  6. Paste the contents of the clipboard and commit the configuration on the device.
    The device connects to and is managed by Paragon Automation.
  7. After you adopt a device, you can verify the connectivity status by running the following command on the device:

    An output similar to the following indicates that the device is connected to Paragon Automation:

After the device is onboarded, you can perform management functions such as update configuration, upgrade software and so on. See Device Management Workflow.