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Installing the OpenStack Neutron Plug-in

Juniper plug-in binaries are available as RPM for CentOS and as Deb packages for Ubuntu. The plug-in must be installed only on the OpenStack Controller Node, where the OpenStack Neutron server is running.

Complete the following steps to install plug-ins on the appropriate operating system:

  1. Download the package from

  2. Extract the binaries using the tar -xvf juniper_plugins_version.tgz command. The extracted folder contains the packages for Centos and Ubuntu.

The plug-ins are provided as a set of packages. All Neutron drivers and service plug-ins are provided as a single package and can be installed as follows.

  • CentOS

  • Ubuntu

Other software packages provide features such as Horizon GUI extensions, physical topology plug-in, and a Neutron client extension to support physical topology APIs. You can install these software packages in a similar manner.

The GUI packages and OpenStack Neutron client extension must be installed on the server that hosts Horizon.

The downloaded package also has an installation script, This script is used to install the required plugins.

Installation Scripts for Juniper Plug-in

Installation script for Juniper OpenStack extensions is an interactive tool that explains the installation of Juniper OpenStack Neutron plug-ins.

Before running the installation script, ensure the following pre-requisites are met:

  • Password-less SSH authentication is enabled between controller and all other nodes of OpenStack.

  • keystonerc_admin is present in the home directory.

  • Installation is done from the controller node on which Neutron server is running.

Table 1 shows the available Juniper plug-in packages:

Table 1: Juniper plug-in packages

Plug-in Package


Horizon physical topology plug-in

Provides Physical Networks dashboard for Administrator.

Horizon static route plug-in

Provides Static Route with preference dashboard.

Horizon BMS plug-in

Provides BMS dashboard.

Neutron plug-in

Provides Neutron ML2 extension and service plug-ins.

Neutron FWaaS plug-in

OpenStack Neutron plug-in for FWaaS. It supports both SRX and vSRX devices.

Neutron VPNaaS plug-in

OpenStack Neutron plug-in for VPNaaS. It supports both SRX and vSRX devices.

Neutron-client plug-in

Provides Neutron CLI for physical topology

The Juniper plug-in packages are classified into following categories based on the functionality of the package:

  • Neutron server plug-in packages - Neutron plug-in, Neutron FWaaS plug-in, and Neutron VPNaaS plug-in

    OpenStack Neutron server plug-in packages are installed on OpenStack controller node, on which the Neutron server runs.

  • User Interface packages - Horizon extensions and CLI extensions

    User Interface packages are installed on the node running Horizon, and CLI package is installed on any node on which the Neutron-client is installed.

When you are prompted during the installation, enter the required information and install the plug-in appropriately.