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Configuring the Static Route Extension

Static route extension provides Horizon dashboard and Neutron REST API for configuring static routes with preferences. The Horizon dashboard is available at the following location: Project > Network > Routers > Static Routes.

Supported Devices

EX, QFX, SRX, and vSRX series devices

Configuring the Static Route Extension

To configure the static route extension:

  1. Update the Neutron configuration file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf as follows:
  2. Restart Neutron and Horizon services.


    1. Ubuntu - service neutron-server restart

    2. Centos - systemctl restart neutron-server

    Apache (restarts Horizon)

    1. Ubuntu - service apache2 restart

    2. CentOS - systemctl restart httpd

  3. From the OpenStack Dashboard, you can perform the following tasks using OpenStack tenant:

    Figure 1 shows how to view static routes.

    Figure 1: View Static routesView Static routes

    Figure 2 shows how to add a static route.

    Figure 2: Add a Static routeAdd a Static route

    Figure 3 shows how to delete a static route.

    Figure 3: Delete Static RoutesDelete Static Routes